Central Park: The Lake

Central Park The Lake 024

Odds are that whatever adjectives, terms, etc you can think of to describe a city, New York City would fit the bill. As a result, its easy to think about NYC as a metropolis of steel, glass, and concrete while overlooking that at a point in time the city’s appearance might have had quite a bit in common with the greenery and open spaces of Central Park. When visiting places like The Lake in Central Park, I wonder about what the surroundings and people were like decades ago. Were people back then attracted to the things that draw our attention today and were they attracted for the same reasons?

New York City’s East River

DUMBO The East River 025

I’ve thought about visiting the beach to take pictures but never really made it a priority because I can’t swim and I don’t like sand. Not to mention, I’ve been a bit skeeved about the beach since learning that cruise ships dump human waste in the ocean. I had a chance to take a few pictures of the East River’s small waves crashing against the Brooklyn shore during my visit to the Brooklyn Promenade in DUMBO.

Scott Kelby’s Fifth Annual Worldwide Photowalk DUMBO

DUMBO Pearl St & Water St

Last Saturday I attended Scott Kelby’s 5th Annual Worldwide Photowalk as part of the group that met up in the DUMBO area of Brooklyn, NY. I grew up in Brooklyn but DUMBO (a neighborhood located near the waterfront under the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges) didn’t become a haven for creatives and tech startups until around the time I was in college. Since then, I’ve visited the area several times and taken pictures of Lower Manhattan from Fulton Landing.