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Hi! I’m Natasha and this is my personal website. Schweet Life began as a way for me to share my photography online but has grown to become more of a journal/scrapbook that I use to record my experiences. I have a fairly wide range of hobbies and interests beyond photography which includes cooking / baking, movies, reading, television, and home improvement. As a result, the topic of blog posts may vary from week to week or may focus on one particular subject for an extended amount of time, it really depends on whatever catches my fancy at the time. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the website!

Social Network Profiles

Pinterest: Schweet Life
I am a very visual person (especially online) and as a result, I love Pinterest! Its a great website for finding new and interesting things that are related to topics that I like. I mostly use Pinterest to browse photos shared by others and to save things that I’ve found on the internet but I also occasionally share my own content.

YouTube: Schweet Life TV
YouTube has a great mixture of content from creators that range from huge companies with big budgets to normal people who are very creative. I’ve experimented with creating a few videos but plan to hold off on really jumping in until I get some other things worked out.

Google+: Schweet Life
Google Plus is very image friendly and as a result the network features a lot of active photographers who share amazing photographs. You can add me to your circle on Google+ to receive updates about posts, links, and photo albums that I share.

Instagram: Schweet Life
Instagram is mostly focused on mobile photos. Looking back at my profile, my photos primarily consist of cars, food, and cool stuff that I’ve come across while out and about. Follow me to see what I’ve seen.

Facebook: Schweet Life
I think Facebook is great for keeping in touch with people and pages you already know but its not as effective for finding new people or pages that you haven’t heard of but might like. You can like my Facebook Page to receive updates about photo albums and other resources that I occasionally share.

Twitter: @SchweetLife
I’m honestly not a big fan of Twitter so I’m not very active on the network. On the rare occasions that I do tweet, they’re typically about an event I’m attending or links to stuff that I’ve found online. You can follow me to find out about events in the NYC area and for live tweets when I’m at an event or experiencing something interesting.

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  1. I just found your YouTube channel. I enjoyed your sharing on roasting the pig and various foods from around the world.

    Your voice is so soothing. Thanks for sharing!

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