Central Park Landscape

Central Park Path 020

I haven’t really shared any event or location photos in a while because we’ve had an especially cold winter in New York and I’ve been staying in as much as possible. However, I happened to be going through my folders and came across some pictures from a visit to Central Park that I never got around to sharing.

Central Park: The Lake

Central Park The Lake 024

Odds are that whatever adjectives, terms, etc you can think of to describe a city, New York City would fit the bill. As a result, its easy to think about NYC as a metropolis of steel, glass, and concrete while overlooking that at a point in time the city’s appearance might have had quite a bit in common with the greenery and open spaces of Central Park. When visiting places like The Lake in Central Park, I wonder about what the surroundings and people were like decades ago. Were people back then attracted to the things that draw our attention today and were they attracted for the same reasons?

Central Park: Arches & Bridges

Central Park Bow Bridge on The Lake

Arc. Arch. No its not a case of to-may-to vs. to-ma-to. They’re actually different. The word arc describes a shape (segment of a circle) but an arch is a structure or object containing one or more arcs. Who knew? You learn something everyday. Which brings us to the subject of today’s post: Central Park’s Arches & Bridges. (Did you notice that smooth segue?)

Central Park: Ducks & Geese

Central Park Birds Duck Flapping Wings

When you hear the word “animals” associated with New York City you might think of the filthy inhabitants of our subways better known as “rats” or the above ground winged variety better known as “pigeons”. However, Central Park is home to quite a bit of ducks and geese. I had a chance to get pretty close to the ducks for photos but stayed some distance from the geese because I’ve heard that they are quite unfriendly.

A Walk Around Central Park

Central Park - The Mall & Literary Walk

In the midst of a metropolis of glass, steel, and stone lies a lush and vibrant green space. Central Park is a well maintained and beautifully manicured park located in the center of the island of Manhattan. There are fountains and statues to be seen, bridges and paths to be explored, and a variety of arts and activities to be enjoyed.