Staten Island Ferry – Whitehall Terminal

Staten Island Sign Whitehall Terminal

In the early fall I had some things to take care of in lower Manhattan and decided to bring along my camera in case I spotted anything interesting. Stepping out of the Whitehall Street Station, I looked up and noticed that I was standing in front of Whitehall Terminal and decided that I would return to take pictures after completing my errand.

To my knowledge, I’ve only been to Staten Island twice. The first time was by ferry with my mom when I was around four or five years old and the second time by car with my uncle the summer after I graduated from college. Based on that information, its safe to say that I have probably only been on the Staten Island Ferry once although I’ve lived in New York City my entire life. Before befriending someone who lived on Staten Island in high school, the only people I knew from that borough were the Wu Tang Klan (and I don’t really know them). Maybe one day I’ll actually take my second ride on the ferry and go see what’s happening on Staten Island.

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