Central Park Landscape

Central Park Path 020

I haven’t really shared any event or location photos in a while because we’ve had an especially cold winter in New York and I’ve been staying in as much as possible. However, I happened to be going through my folders and came across some pictures from a visit to Central Park that I never got around to sharing.

Staten Island Ferry – Whitehall Terminal

Staten Island Sign Whitehall Terminal

In the early fall I had some things to take care of in lower Manhattan and decided to bring along my camera in case I spotted anything interesting. Stepping out of the Whitehall Street Station, I looked up and noticed that I was standing in front of Whitehall Terminal and decided that I would return to take pictures after completing my errand.

The High Line

The High Line

The High Line is a public park that was built on an abandoned elevated freight rail line on Manhattan’s far West Side. Visiting has been on my agenda since the spring but I didn’t get around to visiting until a few weeks back.

Cheese, Cheese & More Cheese

Eataly Suotirol Bergkase Cheese

Funky blues, soft whites, sweet yellows…cheese. Milk allergies be damned, I love cheese and refuse to give it up. Cheese platters are amongst my favorite things to make for special occasions (ex: three day weekends, holidays, stay-cations, and my week long birthday celebration). Within just one cheese shop you can find so many types of cheese. Throw in a few accompaniments and you’re good to go.

Midtown Manhattan Architecture & Interiors

Midtown Manhattan Architecture - Bank of America Tower & 42nd Street

Midtown Manhattan is home to a number of tourist attractions (ex: Times Square, Grand Central Terminal, The Chrysler Building, etc.) However, there are a few lesser known but equally interesting buildings and interiors that are also located nearby. I happened to be in the area with my camera one day and decided to take a few photos of facades and other items that I thought were interesting.