Central Park Landscape

Central Park Path 020

I haven’t really shared any event or location photos in a while because we’ve had an especially cold winter in New York and I’ve been staying in as much as possible. However, I happened to be going through my folders and came across some pictures from a visit to Central Park that I never got around to sharing.

Central Park: Ducks & Geese

Central Park Birds Duck Flapping Wings

When you hear the word “animals” associated with New York City you might think of the filthy inhabitants of our subways better known as “rats” or the above ground winged variety better known as “pigeons”. However, Central Park is home to quite a bit of ducks and geese. I had a chance to get pretty close to the ducks for photos but stayed some distance from the geese because I’ve heard that they are quite unfriendly.

Taru Gardens

Taru Gardens Pond & Gazebo

During a recent trip to Miami my aunt took me to see Taru Gardens, a non-profit living species museum located at the The Sundy House in Delray Beach. I would describe it as a lush garden with an Asian / New Orleans type feel. Trees, plants, and ponds filled with fishes and turtles combined with the genteel southern charm of a large gazebo felt quite fancy but extremely serene and relaxing. I am always in awe when I visit a place that is in or near a bustling metropolis but still manages to seem as though its a world and decades, if not centuries away.

New York City’s East River

DUMBO The East River 025

I’ve thought about visiting the beach to take pictures but never really made it a priority because I can’t swim and I don’t like sand. Not to mention, I’ve been a bit skeeved about the beach since learning that cruise ships dump human waste in the ocean. I had a chance to take a few pictures of the East River’s small waves crashing against the Brooklyn shore during my visit to the Brooklyn Promenade in DUMBO.

The Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium

I first heard about The Georgia Aquarium shortly before it was set to open. There was a lot of coverage of the Aquarium and much was made of it being the largest in the world. Photos and movie scenes showed a u-shaped tunnel through/beneath a huge tank that looked absolutely beautiful. I added Atlanta to my list of US cities to visit largely because of the aquarium.