The Streets of Lower Manhattan

Architectural Photography Lower Manhattan - Silver Charging Bull Statue

As a lifelong New Yorker that attended high school in lower Manhattan, I thought that I’d explored the majority of what the area had to offer. However in May of 2010, I realized that I’d overlooked several hidden gems countless times without being aware or paying much attention to their existence.

Prior to the event I’d walked past but had only stopped inside City Hall Park once for an outdoor concert; never really taking the time to notice the fountains, street lamps, and aura of a “Parisian Parc”. Who would have thought that nestled on a narrow cobblestone street a few blocks away from Wall Street stood charming old fashioned eateries and a Biergarten? I had a great time rediscovering the area or more accurately seeing it for the first time. The experience motivated me to get out and become acquainted with the areas of Manhattan that I’ve yet to thoroughly explore.

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