Magazine Articles February 2013


I remember watching Total Recall quite a few times as a kid. There’s a scene where Douglas Quaid (Arnold Schwarzenegger) wears a disguise to try to get through airport security but he gets caught when he flubs his response to the Customs questions. Reading “Deception Is Futile” reminded me of that scene from the movie. The article is about kiosks that Customs & Border Protection has put in place to interrogate travelers passing through America’s borders. The kiosks use sensors to capture movement and speech to (hopefully) detect when a person is being deceitful. The technology is pretty cool and the back story about how lies are told and betrayed by tells was interesting.

“Mutants” is inspiring yet somewhat scary in that it details the spread of a deadly antibiotic resistant bacteria that spread through a hospital and the methods that scientists used to track its movement between patients.

Bon Appetit

I love breakfast. French toast, bacon, eggs, cheese, fruit and oatmeal, bagels? Absolute heaven. However, I need simple things to eat/transport during the week and tend to want to take things easy on the weekends. Add in trying to keep things relatively healthy and the options narrow quite a bit. Thankfully “Wake Up Your Breakfast” featured a collection of breakfast ideas and recipes that are quick and simple to make in the morning or can be prepped ahead of time. I especially liked the toast, granola, and smoothie ideas.


Over the past few months I’ve heard mention of patent trolls and it seems like within the last few days, the topic has been frequently popping up in my RSS reader. “The Troll Toll” was well-timed in explaining the practices of businesses that acquire patents (which are in some cases insanely broad) and use them to extort money from other companies by threatening them with patent-infringement claims.

Direct sales really isn’t that interesting and in the hands of pushy sales people can be annoying. However, “Made To Measure” provided an interesting look at the thought process behind the development of J. Hilburn’s products and operations.

Popular Mechanics

I don’t have much knowledge of sailing and I don’t particularly like the ocean but “Disaster On The Bounty” was a captivating article about the HMS Bounty’s final voyage and destruction in the rough seas caused by Hurricane Sandy.

There was also a cool article with tips for roasting a whole pig (which I would love to do) but I couldn’t find the article on the Popular Mechanics website.

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