Fish at The Lobster Place

The Lobster Place Cooked Lobster

Photos of octopus, oysters, lobster, clams, escargot, and fish shot during a visit to The Lobster Place.

Buon Italia

Buon Italia Market

One of the side benefits of photography is that its led to me visiting and exploring new places that I probably wouldn’t have otherwise visited. On a recent excursion to explore Chelsea Market, I discovered Buon Italia a small market that sells a lot of ingredients for Italian dishes that I couldn’t find at regular stores.

The Shops at Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is located in a large building on Manhattan’s far West Side in the Chelsea neighborhood. The offices on the upper floors house companies such as Food Network, Google,, NY1, and EMI Music Publishing. This blog post is not about those companies. It’s all about the first floor’s foodie paradise that is home to bakeries, restaurants, markets, and other food shops.

The Day’s Catch

Clams & Langoustines

I love shellfish and sushi but I’m fairly picky when it comes to regular cooked fish. I find that the taste of regular fish tends to be too strong for my liking and I tend to avoid cooking it for myself. However, that doesn’t prevent me from aspiring to eat more fish whenever I visit the fish market.

Cheese, Cheese & More Cheese

Eataly Suotirol Bergkase Cheese

Funky blues, soft whites, sweet yellows…cheese. Milk allergies be damned, I love cheese and refuse to give it up. Cheese platters are amongst my favorite things to make for special occasions (ex: three day weekends, holidays, stay-cations, and my week long birthday celebration). Within just one cheese shop you can find so many types of cheese. Throw in a few accompaniments and you’re good to go.