National Gallery of Art - “Horse Attacked by a Tiger” by Antoine-Louis Barye

National Gallery of Art

In 2010 I visited the National Gallery of Art while on vacation in Washington, DC and took advantage of the opportunity to take some travel photographs. The museum houses rooms (and rooms) of art, two

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum - Martin B-10 (front) & Boeing Y1 B-17 (rear)

Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum

The Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum on the National Mall is home to various exhibits that chronicle the history of airplanes and the development of space vehicles.

The Brooklyn Museum

The Brooklyn Museum

In January 2010 I visited The Brooklyn Museum while the "Who Shot Rock n Roll" exhibit was on display. I couldnt take any pictures of the exhibit (it was great) but I shot a few

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