The Georgia Aquarium

Georgia Aquarium

I first heard about The Georgia Aquarium shortly before it was set to open. There was a lot of coverage of the Aquarium and much was made of it being the largest in the world. Photos and movie scenes showed a u-shaped tunnel through/beneath a huge tank that looked absolutely beautiful. I added Atlanta to my list of US cities to visit largely because of the aquarium. Last year I finally got around to visiting Atlanta and I was completely determined to visit the aquarium.

The aquarium was split into six sections with a few exhibits in each section. Yet, the aquarium overall (the viewing area for visitors not the tanks) seemed very small and there really wasn’t much to see. I’m sure that if I wasn’t taking photos, I could have seen everything in an hour. I think the aquarium is over-hyped to the point where you expect an amazing experience but what you end up getting is not worth the ticket prices of $30 for adults and $24 for kids.

That being said, it was amazing to watch the fish, sharks, whales, etc swimming in large tanks of pristine blue water. However, without a substantial revamp and/or drop in ticket prices I don’t think I’d ever visit the aquarium again.

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