Central Park - The Mall & Literary Walk

A Walk Around Central Park

In the midst of a metropolis of glass, steel, and stone lies a lush and vibrant green space. Central Park is a well maintained and beautifully manicured park located in the center of the island

Brooklyn Bridge - The Runway

The Brooklyn Bridge

Although Brooklyn and Manhattan are separated by a narrow body of water, they have different very different personalities. The easiest way to appreciate the difference would be to tour Manhattan, walk across the Brooklyn Bridge,

Architectural Photography Lincoln Center - The Metropolitan Opera House

Lincoln Center

I visited Lincoln Center on school trips in junior high school and later walked by a countless number of times while attending college a few blocks away. I've seen the concert halls by day but

Architectural Photography Lower Manhattan - Silver Charging Bull Statue

The Streets of Lower Manhattan

As a lifelong New Yorker that attended high school in lower Manhattan, I thought that I'd explored the majority of what the area had to offer. However, last May I ventured forth with a photography

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