Dessert Tortina Sbrisolona

Individual & Single-Serving Desserts

Few things impress me as much as a nicely arranged display case filled with a variety of pretty pastries, cakes, and other desserts. I'm especially a fan of single-serving and mini desserts as it makes

Bread Loaf

Fresh Baked Bread at Eataly

The bread stand at Eataly is an absolute carbivore heaven. Its not huge but the array of rustic bread loaves and rolls is impressive. The market's breads can be purchased to be taken home and

Limelight Marketplace - Gelato at Baci Gelato

Sweets & Treats at Limelight Marketplace

The building that houses Limelight Marketplace has been home to a church and 80's nightclub. In its most recent iteration, it functions as a mall which houses a few luxury shops and dining establishments. I

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