Great Meals Remembered #1 – Peking Duck

Roasted Duck

I was writing a blog post for a roasted duck recipe and remembered the first time I had really good duck. I ended up quickly writing this post about that memorable childhood meal. Keep an eye out for the roasted duck recipe, it will be coming soon.

Moroccan Chicken with Date Couscous

Moroccan Chicken with Date Couscous

A simple but flavorful recipe for Moroccan chicken with date couscous. By all means, I encourage you to riff, remix, and re-imagine the recipe as you please.

BEST (Bacon Egg Salad & Tomato) Sandwich


I originally planned to make a BLT sandwich for lunch but then I thought that it might not be filling enough (and I preferred to keep my lettuce for salad). I started thinking about other things that would be filling and might go well with bacon and lettuce. I thought of potato salad and how I really just like the eggs so I decided to include an egg salad based on a modified version of my potato salad recipe.

The sandwich probably should be referred to as a “BESS” rather than a “BEST” sandwich as it contains salsa rather than tomato but “BESS” sounds like some old lady’s sandwich.

Not-So-Secret Sauce: Blended Seasoning

A guide for making my super not-so-secret blended seasoning. It works as a marinade base for meat but can also be used to flavor soups, beans, rice, etc.

Split Pea Soup

Split Pea Soup

In need of soup to fend off the unreasonable chill of winter in NYC, I decided to take a shot at making split pea soup. It only requires a few ingredients and unlike other kinds of peas, split peas do not require soaking so its great for a quick meal.